Unique Cupolas Help Homes Stand Out in the Countryside

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Country homes are often big, beautiful, and worth seeing. After all, when families take Sunday drives through the country, they need something to look at. One of the ways that builders make their homes unique is to add Amish cupolas to the roof. Cupolas have been used for thousands of years and the name is actually Latin for “little dome.” As a result, it’s no surprise that many people describe them as huts and, honestly, are not quite sure what they do. Cupolas actually have multiple uses. They are both decorative and serve a functional purpose.
First introduced to Americans during the post-revolutionary period, cupolas were originally used to mark different family farms. While some farmers and land owners chose simple designs that were easy to find and identify, others chose far more customized ornamental designs that stood out on the landscape. That dichotomy is still popular today. Homeowner preferences will always vary, and many will labor about whether they want simple Amish cupola designs that will certainly withstand the test of time or intricate customized items.
Today, Amish cupolas are not only functional for indentifying homes but also adding proper ventilation to homes. Essentially, they help to protect vents that allow hot, stale air to escape a home and allow cool air to enter, which makes them a vital component of Amish horse barns. Many designs also have weather vanes on top that indicate wind and more contemporary designs could feature lightning rods and even solar panels. The blend of traditional designs and modern new home additions is exciting for home builders and country drivers alike.
Of course, cupolas are not the only item that can be added to a property to upgrade both its aesthetics and functionality. Homeowners who need some extra space for their tools might have Amish sheds and car collectors might house their speed machines in timeless Amish built garages. Because of their great craftsmanship, both can be a great addition to the landscape.
For a couple hundred years, cupolas have dotted the American countryside, and though they might have some modern additions, the ones that homeowners choose to add today still largely resemble their predecessors. Their combination of decoration and functionality means that cupolas will likely continue to be fixtures in American home building for the decades to come as well. For more about this, go here: www.amishmike.com

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