Four Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Custom Home

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Buying a house can be a complex process, and choosing the right one for you can add even more confusion.

If you’re exclusively looking for custom built homes, you’ve made a great choice for a number of reasons. However, there are some things that not all new homes builders will tell you. It’s important to know the full reality of the financial commitment you’re about to make.

Here are the top four things a new custom homes builder might not tell you:

1. You need to hire a private home inspector: While you are required to have a public home inspector look at your new house before you buy it, they will often do the bare minimum of their job, simply making sure the house is up to code, not necessarily well-constructed. By hiring a private home inspector, you’ll know just how well the new homes builders have crafted each house you look at.

2. Not all warranties are created equal: New homes builders will often boast 10-year warranties on their newly-built homes that will protect buyers against any problems that could arise in the future. However, what some new homes builders won’t tell you is that most of these warranties offer extremely limited coverage after the first two years. Carefully look at the warranties offered by new homes builders before settling on a house.

3. Don’t waste money on “exclusive” home designs: Some new homes builders will tout some of their houses by saying they have exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs — then the buyer sees a carbon copy of the same design down the street. Avoid the extra cost of an “exclusive” house design that is in reality just a slightly-modified interior.

4. Don’t expect state or national regulations on your home’s construction: You might think that the home construction industry is highly regulated and monitored — but in reality, regulations tend to be pretty loose. Extensive construction regulations simply drive up the costs on new homes for sale, meaning legislators are careful not to over-regulate new homes builders. It’s thus even more important to ensure that the house you buy has been built with the best construction materials and methods.

A new custom home is the perfect choice for anyone looking to live in a beautiful, modern house in a great locale. Make sure you know all the facts before you make your final purchase! Find out more at this site.

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