Three Ways to Adult Your Home

Flat sheets

You?re not a 22 year old in college anymore. AKA, it?s time to upgrade your living situation. For some people, this means getting a ?real? job. For many people, though, it simply means giving more thought to their current living situation. Here are four ways you can start living like a ?real? adult: all day, every day.

Get Some Real Plates

We?ve all been there: it?s your first apartment and you spent most of the money you had on the security deposit and first month?s rent. Consequently, half the stuff you needed to move into your new place came from your mom or from a garage sale. Several years later, though, you still might be eating off the outdated plates with pictures of fruit on them. Invest in some nice dishes, whether they?re from Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond. They don?t need to be expensive — they just need to match. The end result when you set the table for dinner will be charming.

Stop Sleeping in Discomfort

It was normal — cool, even — to sleep on a mattress on a floor for your college apartment. Some of these habits may have persisted a little too long, though, if you?re still tucking your sheets into the rug and waking up every morning with a backache. You need a good mattress, a new pillow, and quality bed sheets. You may not have realized it, but organic can matter when it comes to your clothing and bedding, too — after all, these materials spend hours next to you skin everyday! Research your options for things like Belgian eco linen flat sheets, and make sure your organic linen sheet sets fit your bed.

Get That Beautiful Chair You Spotted

Like with cutlery, your first set of furniture for your apartment is typically composed of hand me downs. Now that you?ve had a bit of time to grow up, though, it?s time to invest in your first chair. Look for inspiration from HGTV magazines — is there a particular color that serves as an accent throughout your room? Could that be a good shade for your chair? Also consider dressing up your existing furniture with colorful blankets and pillows that can work to disguise the fact that they?ve been kicking around since the late 1990s.

Will you be getting a new chair, linen flat sheets, or beautiful dishes? Upgrade your life! It’s time.

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