4 Ways to Enjoy Cabin Camping

Cabin camping in ohio

Family vacations are a great way to get away from real life, put aside the stress and business and just enjoy one another. Part of the problem with trying to bond these days, is that everyone always seems to have some kind of electronic in front of their face. The great thing about cabin camping parks is that many of them are located way out in the mountains or the woods where there is no signal so it’s pretty much impossible for people to stay on their electronics without any internet. This can make for a great family vacation. Parents don’t have to be the bad guys and forbid cell phones and games, because the kids wouldn’t be able to play them anyway and they won’t feel the temptation themselves to be on their tablets or laptops. You must just see your family in a whole new way. Here are some great ways to take advantage of camping.

  1. Stay in a Cabin Camping Park
    If you are squeamish about bugs or one of your family members just can’t come around to the idea of sleeping outdoors, you can always stay in one of the cabin camping parks that are available. This means you can still sleep indoors, take showers, eat off of a stable, store food in a refrigerator, etc but you still get the benefits of experiencing the great outdoors. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds when it comes to camping. There’s usually an outdoor area where you could still set up a camp fire to roast s’mores and tell ghost stories like a good ol’ fashion camp but then you can come in and sleep in a bed which will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to experience a new day.

  2. Venture into the Great Outdoors
    The temptation with staying in cabin camping parks is that you could have a great time staying at the cabin all day if you are ‘homey’ type people but that’s not the best way to experience camping. You need to get out and see nature. Cabin camping parks usually have bicycles for rent and binoculars. Your family could all get a bike each and go cycling around the surrounding area for the day looking for new plants or animals that they’ve never seen before. Don’t forget to bring a camera along.

  3. Find Out What’s Near By
    If you don’t want to stay in the cabin camping sites, then before you even leave for your vacation, you could check into the surround area and find out what there is to do. Many times theme parks and water parks will be built near camp sites in order to entice visitors to go. This could be a great time for the whole family. Water parks especially are designed to cater to all ages so even if you have little ones then the whole family could still go and enjoy themselves. Theme parks are not so accommodating and you may have to take turns staying with the smaller kids if they are not old enough or tall enough to get on a particular ride. However, if you are prepared for this, then it might not be so bad to take some time with just you and your young child. You may find out things you about them that you never realized before.

  4. Get the Family’s Input
    The best way to include the entire family is to find out what they want to do. Especially if you have teenagers that don’t seem to even want to be apart of the family fun. Lay out the options of all the theme parks, outdoor attractions, water sports, woods or mountain activities, shows, etc that are available near or in your campgrounds and let them each pick one thing that they want to do during the vacation. This will help them to look forward to it more.

If you follow these simple tips for a great cabin camping experience, you will most likely have the most fun as a family that you have had in a long time. Not to mention the memories that you will be building along the way. Your children are sure to remember this vacation for the rest of their lives.

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