Three Types of Items You’re Allowed to Donate

Clothing donation center

Charitable donations are popular, especially in the United States. Research shows that 70 percent of people in the United States donate to charity every year. Donating clothes allows the Red Cross to receive funding to help those in need. Charity proceeds in excess of $2.5 million came from the Red Cross selling donations to thrift stores. Here are items that you can donate to the Red Cross. You might be surprised at the benefits of donating.

  • Clothing: A Red Cross clothes donation is the most common donation type. You’ll find that Red Cross clothes donation boxes allow for quick drop off. You likely have many things to do in the course of a day. Red Cross drop off boxes makes giving away clothing a very easy thing to do. The GreenDrop company has 30 locations that collect 100 tons of donated items per week which are mostly clothes. Red Cross clothes donation pick ups let workers collect items from your home.
  • Vehicles: Selling a vehicle often costs time and money. Some people don’t have the time to invest in waiting for a car to sell. Vehicles take up large amounts of space in a driveway. Especially crowded homes may find extra vehicles to be nothing more than an eyesore. It is wise to donate vehicles that are collecting space. Of course, you can’t donate vehicles at a drop box. However, contacting your local Red Cross will place you in touch with someone to accept this generous donation.
  • Items of Immense Value: You might find that certain items of worth are better off as American Red Cross donations. The Red Cross is appreciative of every donation they receive. Many donations involve giving gently used clothing but that doesn’t mean other items aren’t allowed. For instance, items including property and jewelry are allowed for donation. You’ll have to contact your local Red Cross to determine how to handle your specific items of value. Items donated to charity are tax deductible relative to the value of the items. Having an item appraised and selling at auction will cost both time and money. Donating a valuable item to the Red Cross means having an equally valuable tax write off to use.
  • In closing, there are several ways to donate to your local Red Cross. Used clothing donations are often the most popular charitable items. It’s easy to donate clothes because they usually pile up within your home. In addition, clothes are easier to give away because most aren’t highly valuable. It’s important to know the Red Cross accepts more than clothes. The Red Cross accepts items ranging from cars to property. However, drop off and pick up services are mainly for collecting donated clothes.

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