Storage, Organization, and Modular Cubes

Right now in the average American home, you can find up to 300,000 individual items across the United States. This is an insanely large amount of items and thus, it can lead to a messy clutter of items inside of a home. This can be increased if the person who owns the home is a crafter or artist. As a result, using furniture organization, hobby storage drawers, and items from home organization stores such as modular cubes storage can go a long way.

Research from Britain has revealed that the average child will own nearly 200 toys but only play with about 12 each day. So this means that there could be a large number of toys scattered across the home. However, using modular cubes storage is a simple way to put items away.

Crafters and artists will more than likely need to use a large number of tools and things. This can leave an office or desk area cluttered, to say the least. Since there are nearly 21 million quilters in the United States, these people will truly benefit from using modular cubes storage. Here are all the facts and benefits on modular cubes storage:

Modular Cubes Storage Can Organize Random Items

National Public Radio, or NPR, has revealed that across the United States the average American home has tripled over the past 50 years. As previously mentioned, along with this increase in home size, there are more and more items than ever before as well. So homeowners will truly benefit from using modular cubes storage to help organize and store away items.

According to Forbes, in 1930 the average American woman owned nearly nine outfits. However, it has now been revealed that the average woman owns nearly 30 outfits. This means that they have an outfit for almost every single day. So it is beneficial to have some help from v to store away these pieces of clothing.

Another great benefit of using modular cubes storage is having access to a high level of organization. Recent research has revealed that during the course of an average lifetime, people will spend nearly 3,680 hours or 153 days looking for misplaced items. Furthermore, this research has revealed that people lose up to nine items a day. Avoid these problems by simply getting storage and organization furniture.

Modular Cubes Storage Can Help With Crafters

Crafting can release dopamine. A study published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy found that 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. So this is one of the many reasons why a large portion of people get involved with crafting and creating items like this and art.

As previously mentioned, when you are making crafts and art, a lot of the tools and items that help you can get scattered throughout your room or office. Just simply get a modular cubes storage to help you organize and store away items that you use. When Etsy surveyed 5,500 of its U.S. sellers, it found that 88% were women.

When Etsy surveyed 5,500 of its United States sellers, it found that that 97% worked from home and 74% considered their shops to be businesses, not hobbies. For those who work from home and make crafts as a business, certain items they purchase can be used as a tax write off. So make sure you keep a receipt if you buy modular cubes storage.

In Conclusion

There are crafters across the country that would benefit immensley from modular furniture cubes and modular furniture storage. This helps store away and organize a bevy of items!

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