Home Decorating Purchases Are at an All Time High in Many Parts of the Country

Artisan home furniture

The girls are away for the weekend, and you and your husband are looking forward to a weekend of planning.

As you near the time when your second of two daughters will move away to college, you have decided that it is time to make some major improvements to the house. Starting in the kitchen, you have decided to meet with contractors this weekend to discuss the changes and updates that you would like to make.
With notebooks full of pictures of barnwood kitchen island ideas and articles about the latest trends in appliances, you hope that by the end of the weekend you will be able to come up with a plan that can help you make the most of your current space. After living in your house for 20 years, the original woodwork, flooring, and cupboards are starting to show their age. And while you have not made many upgrades or improvements in the past, you know that this is the time when you really need to be serious about the condition of your home. If you stay in your house after both girls move out, you know that there are many changes that you want to make in order to make the space more functional and more attractive. If you decide to sell your home and downsize, you know that there are some upgrades that you need to make so that your property will bring a good price.

From log stools to pine log bedroom furniture, there are many rustic designs that property owners are incorporating into their space. For instance, a barnwood kitchen island for the kitchen adds function to a space while at the same time bringing in a very popular design trend. Reclaimed barnwood, in fact, is a trend that is popular with both environmentalists and designers. Making use of a rustic product in both homes and businesses continues to be a trend that many property owners are embracing. Consider some of these other popular ideas that more and more people are incorporating in their homes:

  • The global market for furniture and floor coverings is forecast to reach $695 billion by the end of the year 2019.
  • The latest research indicates that U.S. consumers are willing to spend an average of $2,200 for living room redecoration.
  • Growing at a rate of 6-7% each year, the furniture industry’s growth is consistently performing twice as well as the overall economy.
  • Consumers expect wood furniture and wall décor and to have a fairly long comparative life span of more than 15 years.
  • With a budget of $3,000, Boomers are likely to spend the most on redecoration. This group is followed by budgets of $2,500 for Generation X and $1,500 for Millennials.

Whether you are planning to resand your kitchen wood floor or you are looking at a barnwood kitchen island, there are many ways that you can update the kitchen in your home, as well as many other spaces throughout your home.

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