Stone Walkway Paving Service Repairs Anticipating Sinking Pavers

Repairing your paving stones can be a time-consuming and challenging task. These simple steps used by a reputable stone walkway paving service can help you quickly repair your paving stones and have them look new in no time.

Analyze the problem area: You must first determine what is causing the problem, whether it is a cracked or loose stone.

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Once you have identified the problem, you can begin repairing it.

Remove your bedding layer: Once you have determined the problem, remove the bedding layer. This is the layer of sand that lies between the stones. You can remove the bedding layer by shoveling it out or using a paver remover tool.

Replace the base: replace the bedding area either with gravel or sand. This will help support your paving stones and prevent them from moving or cracking in the future.
Lay your paving stone back again. Finally, lay your paving stones back in place. You can use bricks or pavers for this step, depending on the paving stone you have.

These simple steps will help you repair your paving stones quickly and easily. You can then enjoy your new and improved stone walkway without worrying about the damage.

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