Six Trends in New Home Construction

People In America are constantly building, and new home construction has escalated into 2018. There are a lot of interesting trends in luxury design for modern homes, and increasingly new home construction is being built around custom home design specifications rather than putting up cookie-cutter edifices. Here are some of the biggest trends in new home construction this year.


Previous construction trends have focused on the number of bathrooms in a particular home. Today, the number of bathrooms is less important than the size. Tubs are on the way out, and showers with seats and steam features are on the way in. There’s no telling if this trend will continue or if this is temporary, but for now large walk-in showers and heated floors are the order of the day.

“Flex” Rooms

The concept of the flex room is to have a space that can be used for many different things or that can be easily adapted for some other use than what it was originally made for. This means new home construction has to involve spaces with lots of organizational features like shelving and hooks. New homeowners are interested in having offices, libraries, or even entertaining parlors. The newest trend in new home construction is to leave these spaces relatively open. People want to be able to come in and go out freely, or at the most through simple pocket doors.


In the past, it was common to have an entryway space that included a closet of some sort for putting shoes and hanging clothes. These days, new home construction is more likely to include a mudroom. The mudroom provides a larger space with far more organizational options that can help the family to minimize the amount of dirt and grime being brought into the house. At the same time, having a larger space of the mudroom means there’s more room for storing coats, umbrellas, and shoes for all seasons. That means these things don’t always have to be packed away and stored elsewhere in the house from season to season.


The trend in new home construction for kitchens is open space. While previous homes tended to view the kitchen as a place to be closed off for entertaining, with guests gathering in a dining room or other area to do their actual eating, today the kitchen is viewed as a place were entertaining should happen and where the family can gather together. This means having open space centered around an island. Another trend is towards having multiple kitchens, including dedicated spice kitchens specifically designed for cultural cuisines that use those types of spices that can linger for days in a space. Other kitchen trends include wine storage space and even butlers’ pantries.

Add-on Apartments

The generations are interested in living together, but everyone is also interested in preserving personal space and privacy. New home construction is increasingly incorporating in-law suites so that older parents can move in and be nearby, yet also have their own space. These are usually built on the first floor so that no one needs to worry about climbing stairs.

Energy Savings

Another important trend to new home construction is a desire to save energy and be energy efficient right from the beginning. This means designing homes so that they facilitate green living, installing “low-E” windows and using low flow toilets and energy efficient appliances. In addition, there is a lot of interest in smaller homes as people focus on having a smaller and more practical footprint.

These are just some of the big trends in new home construction. Whether you’re planning on building a new residential property or doing a whole home makeover on an existing property, contact contractors in your area to find out what will work and what doesn’t for your space.

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