Master The Art Of Event Planning With These 4 Tips

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Almost everyone has experienced the headache of trying to book a space for an event, be it for a meeting, a family event, or even a hotel for a vacation. However, there are a few big events in life that call for big spaces: weddings, baby showers, and funerals among them. Leading up to these events, frantic searches online for things like “cheap baby shower locations” or “cheap halls for rent” usually occur, in order to find the best place for the individual’s money to go. There are a few things that will assist in finding cheap baby shower locations or cheap banquet halls for weddings that can make your event planning much smoother and cause you fewer headaches.
Consider Hiring an Event Planner
So you’ve got a full-time job, a family, or other various responsibilities that are all clamoring for your attention now . Trying to find catering for events, banquet hall rentals, or cheap baby shower locations is almost impossible and the event deadline is swiftly approaching. Consider hiring an event planner, whose careers revolve around making events happen. You can dictate and they’ll turn your headache into a beautifully planned event, with some extra flourishes that come from having the time to do so. They know all the people in the industry: from caterers, to florists, and hotels and banquet halls. They can often save you a good deal of money by getting you a kind of package or other deal.
Start Early
If you’re determined to do it yourself, your best bet is to start the whole process way in advance. About 30% of brides have a planning period for their weddings of about seven to twelve months. Experts suggest booking your reception venue as soon as possible after the engagement–at least a year to nine months before the actual wedding. About 48% of couples look up reception venues online, which is a good starting place to gather a list of names and places quickly. Keep in mind that during wedding season, these places will go fast, so you want to be among the first to book a venue.
Ask for Help
Don’t be afraid to delegate if it becomes too much! Other family members and friends are probably more than willing to help you out if you ask. If you’re a micromanager, make lists for them to follow. It cuts down on the amount of initial work you have to do. Besides, family members and friends can also have great suggestions or referrals to caterers, venues, and other businesses that could come in handy.
Organization Is Key
Make lists! Have things scheduled in your phone or a physical planner. If it’s a bigger event like a wedding, sometimes having daily schedules, weekly schedules, and monthly schedules (along with goals for each of those time periods) can really help. Also consider keeping a folder for any confirmation emails, important dates, names, phone numbers, and emails, and any other assorted paper.
Planning a big event can be exhausting. However, with the right steps and attitude, anything is possible, including getting through everything with a cool and collected air and big smile.

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