Make the Right Choice For Your First Apartment

Finding an apartment

In the United States there are 629 public 4 year college institutions. Most schools have dorms on campus occupied predominantly by underclassmen. What about upperclassmen? For many the start of their junior year means finding student housing apartments on or off campus.

If you are looking for an apartment it is important to find a roommate who matches your personality. If your student housing arrangements include a roommate sending a friendly email is a great way to break the ice before meeting. Make sure the roommate is close to your age and you keep a similar class schedule. Each student should make sure they have transportation to campus every day.

According to StatisticBrain there is an estimated average of 1,439,264 Bachelors Degrees awarded annually in the United States. With so many students traveling to a new city for college universities are like there own town with student specific merchants and housing. For most schools you will not have to go far away from your school to find decent off campus apartments.

When arranging off-campus housing always do perform a thorough check for damages and problems before signing a lease. Taking pictures and submitting them before hand will prevent you from becoming liable. Make sure to work with a landlord who has experienced in student rentals. They will understand how a college student is a different tenant than a working professional. An experienced landlord will also give you the best deal on rent.

Students should always plan financially for extra costs associated with off-campus housing. There are several questions to ask including what kind of on-campus meal plan will I purchase? Should I get a job to supplement my income? Should I try to find an apartment where the landlord pays utilities or can I afford to pay them myself?

Student housing apartments can be a perfect fit for college students looking to move off campus. You can remain close to school and learn how to take care of a home. Make sure to look at all the factors and decide what housing is best for you. Helpful info also found here.

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