City Living Is Luxurious, But Not in the Way You Think It Is

Loft philadelphia

Many people will equate city living with luxury living, and while this actually is the case, it’s not quite in the materialistic way that they think. City living offers people more luxurious experiences–the chance to take in rich cultures, and meet amazing people.

If unconvinced that the city is luxurious because of its advantages, here are a few of the biggest benefits that city living affords!


Small towns simply don’t have the same opportunities as cities do. There’s more jobs available in more fields, better living spaces, and there are more options if you’d like to advance your education. You can also meet more people to network with and advance your career goals, too.


Cities are chockfull of both interesting and useful shops, more so than smaller communities. You won’t have to drive hours and hours away for something you need, and there’s always a neat little boutique or a oddities place around the corner the corner. Plus, if you have to pick something up on your way home, you know it’s going to be just around the corner from your place. Plus, shops are open for longer hours in the city.


City life is simply more convenient. There’s easy access to pretty much everything thanks to public transportation systems and most of the necessary shops and services are within walking distance. This means that you won’t need to waste money on gas traveling miles and miles to get to a mall, make a doctor’s appointment, or go to work.

Most people think city living is luxurious because of their mental images of New Yorkers living in a loft decked out in plush furnitures or young professionals relaxing in high end Philadelphia apartment buildings. However, city living is truly rich because of the experiences and opportunities it offers. If you have any questions about the advantages of living in a city, feel free to ask in the comments.

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