Is the Water Your Family Drinks Safe?

Chlorine removal

Even though President Obama just visited Michigan and drank a glass of filtered Flint water, the nation as a whole is a little more doubtful about water quality through out America. News stories that continue to emphasize the failing infrastructure in many cities across the U.S. make people question the stability and integrity of the water pipes that carry drinking water into homes. As a result, many Americans are taking their own efforts to improve the quality of their drinking water.
While U.S. consumers once decided to install water softeners as a matter of preference or choice, today’s Americans find themselves looking beyond the convenience of a water softener to look at whole house filtration systems. The use of reverse osmosis systems and chlorine removal systems have often been used by families with a certain amount of discretionary income, but these luxuries are now being seen as necessities in many communities across the country.
Proper Hydration Is Important to the Health of All People
Because water makes up about two-thirds of who we are it influences 100% of the processes in our body. No one, therefore, can afford to risk their health on drinking contaminated water. When something as simple as drinking two cups of water can provide ?total relief? within 30 minutes to study participants who had headaches, it is easy to see the importance that water plays in our overall health. In fact, some health professionals indicate that chronic and persistent dehydration is a ?hidden epidemic.? An estimated 75% of all North Americans may be chronically dehydrated. Unfortunately, even mild dehydration can zap energy and make people tired. It can even have a negative effect on mental clarity. Medical experts have long been aware that water loss of anywhere between 9% and 12% of the total body weight can be fatal.
While dehydration and lack of proper amounts of water has often been thought of as a third world problem, some Americans are wondering what they are to do about unsafe drinking water that is tainted with lead and other dangerous chemicals. Although we may have all grown up with lectures about wasting water, few Americans imagined that they would need to be so fearful about the water that comes from the city water system and into their homes.
A short amount of time reading about families who have children who develop rashes from their home’s bathing water, however, indicates that many Americans would be smart to take some matters into their own hands. Even in cities that have yet to report about dangerous home water levels, parents fear the water that their children are exposed to everyday when they are at school. Schools, in fact, are often notorious locations for having contaminates in water.
Do You Need More Than a Water Softener In Your Home?
Although many families have used water softeners in their homes to counter the effects of hard water, more and more families are installing reverse osmosis systems and other filtration systems. It is a given that hard water spots on dishes, silverware, and glasses can be annoying, but it is far more alarming to think about dangerous chemicals that could be having lasting effects ourselves and our family members.
While Flint, Michigan, residents continued to be concerned about the dangerous levels of lead in the water that their children drank for years, still others across the country are concerned about other problems. the increased use of pesticides and herbicides that may be present. Also, many fear that the ever growing amount of prescription drugs and detergents that continue to be improperly disposed of will also leach into the supply of drinking water.
Even in a time when the bottled water industry is making more and more money, some consumers fear that dangers that the plastic from these bottles has on these water bottles. While one use may be safe, what happens if those same bottles are used again and again?
Few things in life are more important to the safety of your family than the water they drink. If you are uncertain of the quality of the water in your neighborhood it may be time to hire professionals to inspect the tap water that you drink every day.

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