How to Stay Safe While Online Dating

Online dating background check

Lots of people use singles dating sites nowadays to look for companionship or a mate. While companies take certain measures to secure online dating, you still want to be careful and look out for yourself and make sure you were using the safest dating sites. When using an online dating website there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself before every meeting the person. Here are some ideas to ensure that you were only using the safest dating sites.

Don’t give out too much information upfront.
Of course you want to be honest about who you are and what you look like but there’s no reason to put your real full name, phone number and mailing address on your profile. Use a handle instead of your name and only provide your email address as a way to contact you. You should set up a separate email that you used specifically for online dating sites. You should not feel obligated to give any more information than you’re comfortable with. If you feel that the site is pressuring you to fill in more information or Will not allow you to continue until you do this may not be one of the safest dating sites. Move on and try a different site.

Take it slow and be picky.
There’s nothing wrong with having a standard. You aren’t dating online because you’re looking to settle. Online dating is a great way to meet people and many have actually met a spouse or long term relationship through various dating sites. There’s no need to jump headlong into something that you were not ready for. You should have a protocol set up for yourself for when someone contacts you that you are interested in. For example, you could start by messaging back and forth on the dating site. If that works out then you can start emailing. Leave it there for as long as you’re comfortable before giving them your phone number and allowing them to text you. If everything is continuing to go well then maybe a voice to voice phone conversation would be appropriate. While you don’t want to be paranoid, you need to remain aware that there are predators on these sites that are looking for vulnerable people.

Don’t hesitate to do a background check.
If you were serious about meeting someone face to face and it is gotten to the point where you want to do that, if you have enough information then you should run a background check on the person before meeting them. Don’t just take their word for who they are. They may seem very nice and friendly and open online but their record could reveal something else. You don’t need to tell them that you are doing a background check. They can be run anonymously so that they don’t know about it. Should something come up that concerns you at all, don’t hesitate to cut off the relationship immediately. There are many more fish in the sea that do not have records and are in the same boat is you; a normal person looking for a normal mate.

Vet the site and find out its reputation.
Before you sign up with a particular site you want to make sure it is one of the safest dating sites that you could be a part of. The best way to find a good dating site is to get a recommendation from a friend. If you know someone that is online dating then you could start with the site that they have been using if they have had success. If you don’t know anybody that’s online dating then check the reviews for that particular website on Yelp or another site. This will help you to determine the satisfaction level of the customers.

Following these for tips before you ever even meet a person will keep you as safe as you can possibly be. Meeting someone that you don’t know always has a risk factor so make sure that when you do go to meet them either have someone with you or at least make sure someone knows where you are. Be sure to meet for the first time in well lit and well populated area.

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