How to Plan for an Efficient and Smooth Long Distance Move

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Short distance moving is very different than long distance moving. For many reasons, short distance moving is easier because of costs, the ability to enlist the help of family and friends, and the shorter drive times. When you are required to move long distance, you have less room for mistakes and inconvenient packing methods. You may only have one trip available for the move. Make your long distance move easier with these efficient moving tips.


Planning is the best way to successfully make a long distance move. The more time that you have to plan for your move, the better. You can account for hiring moving helpers, request moving help from a trusted friend, and better organize your belongings. You can also take your time to find a moving company that you trust and that is available for a long distance move. You can spend as much time as needed looking over long distance moving company reviews, choosing the one that works best for your moving situation.

Only bring the necessities

Whether you are moving for work or personal reasons, you will be starting a new life at your new destination. Do not bring too much of your old life with you. It can make the move more difficult, as well as the transition process. Only bring the necessities and plan on replenishing your belongings in your new location. The fewer of larger items that you can bring, the easier the move will be. Even if you find moving help that is extremely helpful, it will cost you more and be more of a process if you bring many large items.

Completely outsource to a professional moving company

Sometimes you may be required to move before you are ready to move your personal belongings. If this is your case, outsource all of your moving needs to a professional moving company. Carefully review long distance moving company reviews before choosing a moving company you trust to handle your move. Pay attention to moving truck rental comparisons to ensure that your belongings will arrive timely and safely. Outsourcing your moving responsibilities to a professional mover can significantly reduce the stress of the move and it allows you to arrive early, handling other important aspects of the change of address.

Protect your belongings

When you are moving locations within the same city or state, it may be tempting to simply throw your TV and other electronics in the back of your truck and just carefully drive. However, longer distanced moves may be more difficult to predict driving conditions. Your expensive belongings are much more likely to be damaged on a long distance move. If you have numerous important belongings, ensure that they are properly protected before the move. Get instance moving quotes and check long distance moving company reviews before trusting a company with your valued belongings.

Long distance moving company reviews can be especially helpful in understanding how a company handles problems with the move. Although professional movers are better equipped for long distance moves, accidents can and do happen. Look specifically for reviews of people who had items damages or lost items. Pay attention to how the company handled the problem. If the previous customer is satisfied with the solution to the moving problem, they are likely to take care of any issues that arise with your move, as well.

A long distance move is an entirely different type of move. When you move within the same state, you can simply throw items into the back of your truck and make multiple moves. You can also take frequent breaks. However, when you move a long distance, you may only have one packing and transporting option. You must organize things in a more efficient way to have room for all of your belongings. Your items are also more at risk of damage. When you move a long distance, it can be beneficial to you to give yourself sufficient time to plan, enlist the help of a trusted friend on the move, and hire a long distance moving company with great long distance moving company reviews.

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