How to Cut Costs When Tying the Knot

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Getting married is a wonderful and exciting thing, but it can also be a drain on the bank account. In fact, getting married in America costs couples an average of a whopping $27,000. There are a number of ways to save on your big day, but here are some of the easiest ways to get the most wedding for your buck.

1. Look for Outdoor Wedding Places
Outdoor wedding places can save money because they’re usually cheaper to rent and are a really adaptable space. Rather than having to pay more for a huge indoor venue to accommodate a really large number of people, opt for the outdoors to have a bigger space for less. Additionally, having a wedding ceremony, reception, or both outside can save you on flowers and decor because those are both built right in to the natural scenery.

2. Find an All-Inclusive Venue
Another way to save money on your wedding is to look for places that offer packages, since they usually knock a bit off the price. Some of the best places to have a wedding reception and ceremony offer packages that include both (and in some cases wedding brunches, to boot). Offering a wedding brunch the day after is also a good way to thank your guests for coming (and help them to nurse their hangovers).

3. DIY
Another easy way to cut costs on your big day is to start doing things yourself. If you know how to bake, arrange flowers, or build centerpieces, these are all ways to reduce your budget significantly. They also make fun projects to do with your wedding party, your future spouse, or even your mother in law to be who maybe hasn’t quite warmed up to you yet.

It used to be tradition that the bride’s family paid for the entire wedding, but these days about a quarter of couples do it with no help from either family. Do you have any other tips for saving on a wedding? Let us know in the comments.
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