Evolution to RevolutionNew Building and Remodeling

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With the evolution of energy saving appliances, home HVAC systems, insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, and much more, has come the revolution of home remodeling. Homeowners everywhere are deciding, or at least considering, a remodel of a kitchen or maybe a bathroom or two. Many are deciding to install new, energy efficient windows throughout the home, or to incorporate a new HVAC system throughout the house. To dress up the outside of the home, homeowners might choose new installation of framing or siding, or home deck repair. New building and remodeling has become a favorite national pastime!

In one year 40% of homeowners typically make a decision to do some remodeling of one kind or another on, or in, their home. A kitchen remodel is a common decision, because renovating a kitchen will bring the most return on the homeowner’s investment when the work is done and the home is reappraised. Even if a small change is made to a kitchen, it could bring in an ROI of 82.7%. This is a major benefit to the owner when the time comes to resell.

New building and remodeling is not restricted to one or two rooms anymore, neither does it simply mean adding a new home deck to the back of the house. Of remodeling jobs completed on homes, 35% included the entire house. Often homeowners will choose to do at least some of the work themselves, partially to save on the cost of labor, and partially because they want to be involved, hands on, in the execution of the renovations. About 25% of people have elected to do some of the work with their own hands, but have also hired contractors to do the tasks they cannot perform themselves. Another 41% of homeowners choose to hire contractors for the whole job and do not personally get physically involved in the work.

When owners come to the decision to sell their home, very often they will put some work into it in order to make it more appealing to buyers, as well as to increase the home’s value. Depending upon when the last time was that a new roof was installed on the home, the homeowner may contact a roofing contractor for an inspection and estimate. They might decide to add a new deck or a patio, or they may consider new installation of siding. New building and remodeling can also be done in the form of exterior painting or power washing in order to give the house a fresh, revitalized look.

New building and remodeling can take many different forms when people want to increase the curb appeal as well as the attractiveness of the inside of their home. The first thing buyers will see when arriving at a perspective property is the outside of the house. A home that is nicely landscaped is always a plus, as is the condition of the yard. People will always want to walk around the outside of the property either before or after walking through the house. A manicured lawn and a colorful garden speak volumes. Mowing and planting are not over the top expensive propositions, and are very worth the cost in order to sell a house for at least its asking price. If the family already has a deck on the back, or even the side or front of the home, that has been well used, it always pays to have a contractor come in to do some repairs that will make the deck look inviting again.

Even if owners are not planning to sell but want to remodel their yard, it is worth the cost. A great number of families love to spend the nice weather out in their yards all year round. Over half of homeowners asked who were planning a remodel of their yards, patios, and decks said they spend at least six hours outside every week. Their favorite outdoor pastimes are gardening, entertaining, and just plain relaxing.

When the time does come for resale, the buyer will benefit, being able to buy a home that is already energy efficient, repainted, resided, or any number of improvements made by the previous owner. The price paid for the house will equal the enhancements that are there to enjoy.

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