7 Tips to Have a Better Experience When You Move


Few people enjoy the process of moving. Despite this, the average person will move at least 12 times in their lives. About 33% of people in the United States move every year. That amounts to 45 million people moving from one place to another. There are ways to make a move go better and be less painful. Here are some tips to make residential moving a process you can survive.

  1. Pack a bag for your first few days. Pack a bag as if you were going someplace for the weekend. Pack your pajamas, your toiletries, several changes of clothing. Whether you hired a residential moving company or not, you are not going to want to hunt through your packed stuff to find these items. You may also want to pack a box with some dishes, your coffee pot, the dishes for your pet and the essentials for your first week at your new home. This will make the first few days a lot more pleasant. You will really want your toiletries so you can take a shower when you get to your new home.
  2. Use color to keep everything organized. You can use colored tape, markers or post it notes. Any of these options are great to keep boxes color coded according to the room can help you when you are unpacking. You can tell your movers to put all the red boxes in the kitchen and the blue ones in your living room, etc.
  3. Put your books in your luggage. People often put their books in boxes, which can quickly get overloaded and become too heavy for moving services to carry them. Residential moving companies recommend putting heavy books in rolling suitcases. This makes it easy to move them out of your old home and then into your new home. They do not need any special packing materials so you can just put them into your luggage and not worry about it.
  4. Use plastic wrap on potential messy items. There is a way to prevent your toothpaste from getting all over the place during your move. Take off the cap and cover the opening with cling wrap. This will keep it from getting all over. You can also do this for your mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. Doing this before you move can save you a lot of hassle and headache later.
  5. Use wine boxes for glassware. You are going to want to wrap it in bubble wrap as well but you will use less if you have made a stop at your local liquor or wine store and gotten some of their boxes that are used for wine bottles, say residential moving experts. You need to wrap your glassware and then place it in the boxes where the wine bottle would be. The boxes give you an extra layer of protection.
  6. Use sandwich bags. If you are moving any furniture that you are taking apart before you go, use zip lock sandwich bags for the pieces that you take out as you disassemble your furniture. Place them in the bag and then take a market and label it. You should secure it to the furniture itself or to the box (on the inside of the box) that the pieces of furniture will go. If you still have the instructions that came with the furniture, you should include that as well. That always makes things a little easier.
  7. Use trash bags. You can make packing your closet a lot easier by using trash bags. You do not even have to take your clothes off of the hangers. Just group some of your clothing and slide a bag over them. Tear a hole for the top of the hanger in the sealed section of the bag and slide over. It should look almost like a very large, garment bag. The plastic is durable and will keep your clothing clean and dust free during the move. This is much easier than taking everything down, folding and packing it and then putting it back on the hanger at your new home.

Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful things a person will do but it can be made better with these tips.

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