Don’t Skip These Tips on Buying a Home If You’re a First-Time Home Buyer

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Are you searching for a new or resale home for the very first time? Chances are your friends and family members have offered plenty of tips on buying a home, all with varying degrees of helpfulness. While it’s best to get advice from real estate professionals and homeowners when searching for your dream home, there are also plenty of tips on buying a home for the first time available online.

When you’re figuring out this process on your own, it can be incredibly daunting. However, those looking for a quick and easy list of tips for buying a home are in the right place. Check out these easy ways to simplify this process below:

Know Your Budget
Budget is the main concern for most home buyers, especially those looking to make a purchase for the first time. There are plenty of tips on buying a home that deal with figuring out your budget, but there are several ways you can determine this now thanks to online mortgage calculators. However, keep in mind that in addition to down payments, mortgage payments, and taxes, you’ll also need to pay several other fees, including closing costs, attorneys’ fees, home inspection charges, and other related expenses. Meeting with a lender to see if you pre-qualify for a mortgage can help you determine these expenses, too.

Location, Location, Location
It’s always important to consider the future when you’re looking into buying a home. Even if you don’t have children moving with you, it’s still a good idea to purchase a home in a good school district. This can maintain or even increase your home’s value over time. In addition to schools, it’s wise to think about local amenities and potential developments in the coming years in the area.

Outline Your Expectations
Want hardwood floors? Need a home with a fireplace? Only want to consider houses with central air conditioning? It’s best to go into your house hunt with a good idea of what you want, even before you browse multiple real estate listings online. This can help you (and a spouse or partner) know exactly what you’re looking for — or where to make compromises, if necessary.

Attend a Viewing
One thing that buyers typically know ahead of time is whether or not they want to buy a new home or a resale property. Both have their advantages, but it’s still important to look at the property in person. On average, home buyers look at new houses six times before making a purchase; resale buyers view an average of 10 homes before making their choice.

Work with a Trusted Real Estate Agent
While there will typically be an agent who acts on behalf of the owners selling a property, you’ll want your own agent to negotiate deals and handle legal matters. This way if there are any problems with a property before you’re ready to close the deal, the agent can negotiate for you. Real estate agents should be certified and knowledgeable in all stages of the home buying process.

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