Don’t be Mislead! Disposable Bottles Aren’t the Only Option for Filtered Water

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The chemicals and contaminants that make their way into drinking water sources can be quite harmful. In fact, chlorine in drinking water has actually been linked to breast cancer, and studies have shown that women who suffer from it have an estimated 50-60% more chlorine in their breast tissue than those who do not. In an effort to keep themselves healthy, many Americans turn to filtered bottle water, rather than drink from the tap. But since there are a number of consequences that come from the production and waste of disposable plastic bottles, on top of the fact that they hurt your wallet, investing in drinking water filtration systems is the better option.

Even some of the most basic water filters available today will use advanced filtration systems to remove all sorts of materials from water. All kinds of industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and microorganisms can make it smell and taste bad. They, as well as certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can also be bad for your health. So avoiding them by turning to bottled water certainly makes sense. However, drinking water filtration systems certainly have their benefits.

For one, the different types of water filters that you can use in your home actually provide cleaner water than bottled water companies. A study commissioned by World Wildlife Fund International found that it wasn’t usually any cleaner than tap water. “Bottled water may be no safer or healthier than tap water, while selling for up to 1,000 times the price,” the report said. So for guaranteed clean, healthy water, homeowners should turn to filtration systems, rather than constantly head to the grocery store.

The extensive use of disposable bottles also has a harmful impact on the environment. They attribute to both land and water pollution, especially when not recycled properly, and producing bottled water actually uses a staggering 17 billion barrels of oil every year. So using home filters is not only good for keeping yourself healthy, it keeps the planet healthy as well.

There are several different choices available when it comes to drinking water filtration systems for your home. While some might prefer filters that screw directly onto the faucet for instant filtration, others might want bottles with filters attached that can be stored in the fridge for a clean, cold drink. Regardless of the specific choice, they are the best choice for drinking healthy water without harming the environment. Learn more.

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