Decorative Flags in the Garden

Summer flags

Decorative flags can be displayed outside of your home. There are different types of decorative flags used including seasonal house flags, summer flags, wedding garden flags, and decorative yard flags. These can all be displayed at certain times and for certain reasons. The study of flags is known as vexillology, which is from the Latin word “vexillum,” which means flag or banner. The old Saxon word “fflaken,” which means to fly or float is where the word flag was developed from.

The first nation to use the cloth flag as a way of communicating were the Romans. Flags were also used to assist military coordination on battlefields. Flags are also usually found in advertising, messaging, or for other decorative purposes. Yellow that appears on a flag is generally referred to as a symbol of generosity. The part of the flag that is closest to the flag pole is known as the hoist. It is used for connecting the flag to the pole and lifting it.

Decorative flags are often seen in people’s gardens. An estimated 50% of all Americans have gardened within the past year. This is equal to about 164 million people in the United States which have gardened in the last 12 months. In the United States, households spent approximately $29.5 billion dollars keeping their gardens maintained in 2013. About 54% of gardeners in the United States are female and place decorative flags in their gardens. Approximately 22% of household gardeners in the United States are retired and many of them will fly decorative flags that support their husbands who served overseas. American homeowners that garden are 25% more likely to pay more for eco-friendly products according to studies. Read this for more.

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