Check Out This Incredible Mini-Golf Course!

In the world of sports, competition is everything. Athletes work their way to the top by beating rivals in timed events, all while maintaining a professional manner. Golf is no exception to this rule, drawing thousands of onlookers to golf competitions every year. You don’t need a golf membership, however, to enjoy golf’s distant cousin, mini golf. Mini golf has brought people joy for ages, replacing tradition golf with a world of slides, decorations, and interactive courses.

Video Source

In this video, we will look at one of the coolest golf courses in America, located at the Crave Golf Club in Tennessee.

This course starts off as simple as it can, with a simple hill between the golfer and the hole. However, it quickly gets more complex and fun for the players. Not only are gumdrop-shaped obstacles added, but an entire house shoots your ball out of any of 3 schutes, making it a mystery as to where you should aim. Eventually, a castle with a moving drawbridge greets you with a difficult putting area, and you’re surrounded with candy canes and lollipops. This sweets-themed course takes in hundreds of tourists every year, and you can see why!


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