Can You Afford A Designer Home?

Luxury custom house designs

How much money does it cost to buy a luxury home, built to your exact specifications? Designer home builders can answer that question for you (short answer: over $1 million). Until then, here are a few things to know if you’ve ever wanted to drop a fat stack of cash on your own custom crib. Think about these things before you start drawing up your own luxury home designs.

    Ask your designer home builders to use spray foam insulation? t’s cheaper than regular insulation, reducing heating costs up to 50%.

    When the designer home builders show you the plans for the kitchen, remember that convection ovens cook food faster and with less energy.

    Luxury custom house designs often include guest cottages to give your visitors ultra-private accommodation. Such cottages are generally 1,200 square feet and contain one to two bedrooms.

    Your luxury house plans ought to account for air leaks? such leaks can account for as much as 40% of heating and cooling loss. Also, turn off your outdoor condenser unit once it drops below 60 degrees.

    Vineyards, energy conservation technology, spa rooms, and smart security systems are among the most popular amenities that the wealthy request from their luxury custom house builders.


Keep saving those pennies, and one day you will be rich enough to let your imagination go free and design your own mansion of the gods. Let us know what you’d put in there in the comments below.

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