A Guide to Golf Cart Maintenance

Properly maintaining your golf cart will enable you to use it safely and worry-free for longer. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual has nearly everything you must know about its operation and maintenance. Among the golf cart maintenance tips you should keep at your fingertips is that when switching on the car, ensure nothing is blocking the path of the key.

Moreover, you should always drive up or down a slope straight, not at an angle.

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This will reduce the likelihood of the golf cart slipping or toppling. Limit how often you engage in sharp turns and sudden stops, these could damage the vehicle and cause injury to you and the other passengers.

If your golf cart is battery-powered, always charge the batteries fully before use. Wear protective rubber gloves whenever you are handling lead-acid batteries. When the water levels in your lead-acid batteries start to drop, top up with distilled water to the appropriate levels. Regularly clean the terminals of your batteries with a 1:1 water and baking soda solution.

For gas-powered golf carts, switch off the engine and let it cool before refilling the fuel tank. Always wipe off all spillages around the fuel tank, and never handle lead-acid batteries or fuel. Golf cart maintenance also involves keeping the tires inflated to the appropriate levels.

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