8 Reasons to Add a Pergola to Your Outdoor Space

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If you are looking to create a nice space for your friends and family to enjoy in your garden or yard, you are not alone. Americans love spending time in their yards and often think of the space they have outside as an extension of their indoor space. As an extension of that, many people are adding gazebos and pergolas to their outdoor space.

One question you may have is, “what is a pergola?” The official definition calls it an archway that has been placed in a garden that is covered with climbing plants. Gazebos and pergolas are fairly similar. Both can add a lot to your garden space. Here are some reasons to add a pergola to your yardL

  1. You can give your outdoor space some definition. If you are looking to create an entertainment area, putting in a pergola can be just the thing to do. You can use these to create discrete spaces for entertaining. These areas can be similar to decks or patios but are easier to put in.
  2. You can have more privacy with a pergola. If you live in an area where your neighbors are not that far away, you may find yourself looking for something to get a little more privacy when you are enjoying your outdoor living space. When you explain to your friends and family when they ask, “what is a pergola?” you can show them a nice secluded area where you can all relax without being watched by the neighborhood.
  3. You will have more space to plant. One of the nicest features of pergolas is the way you can plant vines and other plants. If you have a soft spot in your heart for Morning Glories or Moon Flowers but do not have a place to plant them, a pergola may be just the thing you need to add to your yard. Other plants that work well with pergolas are grape vines, honeysuckle and clematis.
  4. You can protect yourself from rain and wind. When you have a pergola installed on your property, you have nice spot where you can entertain friends and family and stay out of the elements at the same time. You can make a roof that is more natural when you have your plants growing up and over it. This makes the area more relaxing and enjoyable.
  5. You will increase the value of your home. When surveyed, at least 97% of all realtors say that improving the landscaping around a home dramatically increases its value. These same people say that pergolas and gazebos add about 20% to the value of a home.
  6. You can work it in to your overall design look. You can put in a pergola by itself or you can integrate it into the other structures you have in your yard. If you already have a gazebo or outdoor kitchen, you can set the pergola as an entry way to the other structures in your outdoor space.
  7. You have options when it comes to the materials and styles. There is not just one type of pergola material. That means you can select a material and even a style that you think looks best. There are traditional pergolas and more modern ones. You can find a pergola to match just about any taste, style and budget. They really are very versatile. You are limited only by your imagination and style.
  8. You can add a room to your home. As was noted, many people already consider their outdoor spaces to be extensions of their indoor space. When you put in a pergola, you can create a real, new room for your home. It can be a dining spot, yoga studio or zen meditation area. Or it can be just a space for you and your family to read and enjoy the yard. When your friends and family ask you, “what is a pergola?”, you can say — “My new room!.”

When people are looking to improve their outdoor space, many ask “what is a pergola?” Once you have seen them, that question may morph into them asking “where to buy a pergola?” These versatile additions to your home can make it much more attractive and valuable.

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