5 Things You Can’t Keep in a Storage Unit

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Some say, “home is where the heart is.” Sadly, more than one-in-five American adults do not consider their current residence as their “heart home.” The average American moves as many as 12 times in his or her life and 63% moved to a new community at least once, so it makes sense. We develop a deep connection to communities and homes we live in, but leaving is sometimes a necessity.

Other people say, “home is where your stuff is.” But what happens when you move and can’t take all your belongings with you? You might be moving into a cramped college dorm or a smaller house, but you can’t seem to let go of any of your valuables. That is when you find a local moving and storage company and get a storage rental.

Still, there are some things you cannot keep in your storage rental.

5 Things You Can’t Keep in a Storage Unit

  1. Animals: If you are moving and you can’t take your pet with you, do the right thing and find it a new home before you leave. Under no circumstances is it okay to keep an animal–dead or alive–in a storage rental unit. It is both cruel and illegal, and a dead animal will attract vermin and disease.
  2. Perishable Items: You think because its out-of-sight and out-of-mind the gingerbread house you made in the fourth grade won’t become totally disgusting and cause an infestation of your rental unit? It will.
  3. Hazardous Material: Anything that can cause serious damage if spilled, broken, or opened is considered hazardous material. For example, you cannot keep gasoline, propane tanks, fertilizers, paints, or anything toxic or flammable in your storage unit. You can store your motorcycle in there, but the gas tank must be emptied first.
  4. Firearms and Explosives: In addition to guns and bombs, this also includes ammunition and fireworks.
  5. People: You cannot live or work in your storage unit. It is not a home or an office. It is for storage only. Obviously, you cannot store a dead body in your storage rental either.

When you are packing up it would be wise to separate your belongings into three categories:

  • Discard/Donate
  • Keep in storage
  • Bring with you

The items you are taking can be packed up and sent off with the residential moving service, and you can take storage items to your unit. Just make sure you are complying with the rules and regulation of the storage company and the law. Visit here for more.

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