3 Things to Look For When Purchasing Horse Property

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For those who enjoy a true taste of the outdoors and wild open spaces, investing in a horse ranch seems like the best idea one can make. But truth be told, buying a horse property for sale is no simple endeavor. Rather, the cost of watering systems, stalls, general animal care, acres of grass and pasture, and beyond often get overlooked in the dreamy romanticism of owning a horse property. Here are the many things to consider when seeking out horse ranches for sale:

Understanding Equine Real Estate
For many, the question when it comes to horse ranches is whether or not the individual should build their own horse ranch from the ground up or buy a pre-existing ranch. According to John Anthony Blackburn, President and Senior Principal of Blackburn Architects in Washington DC, buying a pre-existing ranch or farm typically makes the most sense.
He says, “Buying an existing farm could be an easier choice if one is available, the price is right, and the existing improvements on the farm are what you need. The cost to build a new farm and put in all the site improvements can be high.”
For this reason, buying a pre-existing property is often a better choice. It also gives you the option of moving quickly — which is a huge advantage for those who already have horses that need to be relocated.

Always Investigate First
Like all real estate opportunities, it’s essential to examine the property before purchase, including its structures for soundness. Additionally, monitor any necessary repairs so you can incorporate them into the overall cost of building after sale.

Check the Terrain
The best properties have good drainage. If not, your property can become muddy, putting your horse at risk for slips and injury. If the property already has or supports pasture grasses, this is even better. Have a local agriculture official evaluate the soil to be absolutely certain.

Now that you know what you’re in for, get searching! Your dream ranch awaits you!

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