Can I Make Clothing Donations to the Red Cross?

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Red cross clothes donation
About 70% of Americans make a donation each year, but are you one of them? Popular choices include Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Red Cross donations. While many people are familiar with making blood donations to the Red Cross, you can also make clothing donations as well. For those who are unable for one reason or another to donate blood, used clothing donations are another alternative.

I’ve Never Donated Clothes Before. What Do I Do?

Once you’ve experienced how easy and simple it is to donate clothes you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Red Cross donations can actually be dropped off at free-standing locations. They’re easy to spot: look for a bright green box in a public par

How to Donate Clothes to the Red Cross

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Red cross donations
In 2015, proceeds from donated items to thrift stores was over $2.5 million. These proceeds greatly helped support the work that charities, like the Red Cross, continue to do every day. Statistics show that 70% of people in the United States contribute to at least one charity each year. In another study, it was shown that 3% of total American income is given to charities, making donating used items a more popular choice. Here are three options to donate your goods to the Red Cross.

The first option to donate your goods would be by using a Red Cross drop off box. Red Cross has worked very hard to provide donation options all over the world. It is highly likely you live reasonably near a Red

Four Tips for Making the Most of Your Donations

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Red cross clothing pick up
Are you interested in making American Red Cross clothing donations? Are you scratching your head and thinking, “I didn’t know I could make American Red Cross clothing donations!” We aren’t surprised if you didn’t know American Red Cross clothing donations were a thing; most people associate Red Cross donations with donating blood. However, Red Cross also takes household items and clothing donations and re-purposes them to further the Red Cross cause.

If you are considering making American Red Cross clothing donations (or want to donate clothes or used goods to any great cause), you

How to Donate Your Lightly Used Clothing to Charity

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Did you know that you may be throwing out clothing unnecessarily? Many people find that they quickly grow tired of the garments they own. Either trends have changed, or people simply think that the clothing is unusable. The truth, however, is that textiles are some of the most easily recyclable materials on the planet. Approximately 90% of lightly used clothing that gets thrown away could be donated to charity instead of heading to the landfill.
The goods news is that it is easy to give charitable clothing donations if you have them. Doing so also gives you the chance to clean out your closet if you haven’t already. But how,

Have Spare Clothing Laying Around? Consider Donating to Charity

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As horrible as it sounds, thousands of men, women, and children in the U.S. have reached the end of their luck and are out on the streets with nowhere to go. Worst yet, many of the less fortunate struggle to find suitable clothing. Especially in places with cold winters, the homeless and poverty-stricken who lack adequate clothing struggle to survive. No man, woman, or child in this country — in any country — should have to endure life without a shirt on their back.
Charitable donations of clothing is one things people across the U.S. can do to fight these terrible conditions. Nearly all of us have clothing we discard or never wear. For every shirt or pair of pants we throw away, there is a desperate person in need who could benefit from them. Clothing donations are pivotal for thousands of people — pe