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The Importance Of Mobility Aids In The United States And Beyond

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Mobility issues are a common problem for many here in the United States. From those who have disabilities to those who are over the age of sixty five and face many of the common problems dealt with by the elderly population, getting from place to place in a safe and efficient matter can be a difficult thing for many people. For those who struggle to navigate the world, independence can be difficult to come by.
And the consequences that can result from untreated and unmanaged mobility issues are often high. In fact, a new elderly person who has fallen and become injured at home is seen in an emergency room at least once every eleven seconds. This amounts more than two million emergency room visits over the course of the year.
For many people, even being in their own home can be dangerous once mobility issues have developed. In fact, it is estimated that up to half of all falls, a solid fifty percent, occur within the home environment. And if the person who has fallen lives alo