Why American Women Are Hitting Menopause Much Earlier Than Normal

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It’s pretty depressing when you check your face in the mirror and find a wrinkle that wasn’t there before. Aging is a subtle occurrence, creeping up on you and taking over your life before you know it. You don’t have the energy you used to. You’re seeing hints of gray along your temple. It’s certainly not the most enjoyable process to go through, but you don’t have to face it alone. Anti aging treatments are designed to give you a visual boost and help you cling to youth a little while longer, ranging from intensive hormone therapy to simple products designed to support the results of menopause.

Let’s talk about aging. This phenomenon isn’t avoidable, but it can be better managed. Your personal lifestyle, diet and exercise habits will play a major part in the visual effects of aging and how your health changes in your later years. This includes physical health, social health and mental health. Anti aging treatments, no matter how complex or simple, fare best when you give your entire life an overhaul. Cutting out bad habits and changing your personal perspective will go a long way in making the process of aging just another detail.

How are your stress levels? Cortisol is sometimes dubbed the ‘stress hormone’, due to frequently erupting when you’re feeling less-than-spectacular. It’s certainly more complicated than that, though, and a steady aging process involves having a more balanced perspective on your body’s natural responses. A little cortisol here and there is perfectly normal. Too much, however, can lead to you aging much more rapidly. The Journal Of Epidemiology And Community Health found women who lived through extended periods of hardship, be it economic or domestic, being more likely to transition into menopause sooner.

Whether you’ve reached menopause or you’re on the cusp of feeling your body change, anti aging treatments are no doubt sounding quite good right now. Reduced fertility, mood swings and hot flashes are some of the most common signs associated with the onset of menopause, though an official diagnosis should always be left to a healthcare professional. Nine out of ten women in the United States will experience what’s known as ‘perimenopause’ — this is a period of altered menstrual cycles that last for a few years. This can mean heavier periods, lighter periods or no periods at all.

Anti aging treatments are sought out not just for their visual benefits, but how they strengthen your life as a whole. Even those who aren’t quite in their forties yet should consider the benefits of anti aging therapy on their life. The greatest journey, after all, starts with a single step! The average age of menopause is 51, but this transition can start to reveal itself as early as 30 or 40. Women under the age of 35 still trying to get pregnant should contact their doctor to reduce their chances for complications during childbirth.

Before you look into hormone treatment it’s highly recommended you nip a few habits in the bud. Smoking a mere five cigarettes per day has been associated with much lower fertility rates in men and women alike. This is due to the harmful chemicals in each cigarette, with some even linked to cancer and gum disease. Working on your mental health is prudent, as well. Life-long depression can lead to early menopause and a weakened immune system, the latter of which can see you getting sick much more frequently as you age. An overview of your lifestyle will go a long way in helping you get started.

Treating infertility can involve surgery, medicine or reproductive technology. Balancing your hormones can involve multiple trips to your anti aging clinic. Whichever option you choose, you’re already on a great path to aging with grace.

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