When the Time Comes to Hire a Metal Roofing Company

Every building, big or small, private or public, needs some basic construction in place, ranging from the foundation to windows and doors all the way to the roof over everyone’s head. A library, warehouse, suburban home, or a bank will have these basic aspects in common, and today, a public building manager or homeowner may have the option to hire a metal roofing company and install a roof made of aluminum or steel. Why might someone opt to hire a metal roofing company for aluminum roofing? Many homes have asphalt shingle tiles, but these tiles may break off or develop leaks, and some homeowners may decide that metal roof installation is due, and metal roof installers from a metal roofing company can be hired to visit a home and replace the entire roof with a new one. There are, in fact, some distinct advantages to hiring a metal roofing company and its workers, and some homeowners may choose to have their asphalt shingle tile roofs removed entirely and swapped out for a metal roof to reap the benefits. When is it time to contact a metal roofing company?

Advantages of Metal

Metal is tough, and an aluminum or steel roof is highly durable, which makes it a great investment for any homeowner looking to hire a roofing company for their house. Just how tough are they? Those who live in storm-prone areas such as the Midwest, which suffers from tornadoes, or Florida, which is often hit by hurricanes, may want metal roofs because they can endure strong winds and can resist getting hit by wind-blown debris by these storms. Most metal roofs are rated for 140-MPH winds, which can be a real relief if a person’s area gets tornadoes, for example, and such storms can blast apart weaker roofs. Even if a person is not expecting storms, such as a resident of Wisconsin, a tough metal roof can be an excellent financial investment if it is installed correctly. These metal roofs may last three to seven times longer than a typical asphalt shingle roof, and these metal roofs are efficient with their materials. They are made from 30-60% recycled metal, and they are 100% recyclable at the end of their lives, making them eco-friendly as well. Such a roof may be expected to last nearly 50 years with proper care, and in some cases, roofs coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy can be expected to last an impressive 100 years or so. This certainly means that not only will the current homeowner enjoy that metal roof, but also the next owner and possibly the owner after that, too.


Metal roofs are not just durable and resistant to strong storms, but they are also a great financial investment, partly because they last so long. If a person has the same roof for 50 years, this represents a lot of savings, and even during installation, metal roofs may prove financially friendly. No matter what sort of metal a given roof is made of, it may cost around 30% less to install than a slate or shingle roof, so the savings can start right away. On top of that, those who install and design metal roofs know that homes often leak a lot of warm or cool air through the roof every year. A house may suffer form a high electric bill if too much cooled or warmed air escapes during winter or summer, because the HVAC system is being forced to work overtime to compensate for the constant loss. By contrast, proper insulation in a roof will prevent this leaking of cool or warm air and thus save on the electric bill. Metal roofs are up to the job, and they can save as much as 25% on the yearly home energy bill.

Who needs metal roofs? Those who live in storm-prone areas may definitely want such a roof, and those who will live in a home for a long time can also get them as a long-term investment. And someone who buys a very old house with a damaged roof can have it replaced with a metal roof, which may be cheaper than extensive repairs on the old roof.

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