What Does it Really Mean to Have an Open Adoption?

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When it comes to adoption, there’s so much information to know and understand. Whether you’re an expecting mother who’s considering adoption services or you’re looking to add another member to your family, it’s important to know that you have many options. When it comes to newborn adoptions, emotions can often cloud our judgment and make it more difficult to come to a final decision. One thing to consider when discussing newborn adoptions is an open adoption agreement.

An open adoption is when both parties agree to have a certain level of contact after the adoption process is finalized. They generally occur when the adoptive parents meet with the birth parents and get to know them better. The level of contact can range from sending sporadic pictures and updates to full fledged phone calls and frequent visitation. The agreement usually comes about when both parties want to maintain contact and feel like it is in the best interest of the child.

Open adoptions can have many benefits. For the birth parents, it gives them a sense of security to know that their child is in a safe home and is living a better life than they could have provided. It’s also reassuring for the birth parents to maintain contact as the child grows older and may have questions regarding their adoption.

As beneficial as an open adoption could be for a child, it can also have its disadvantages. Certain expectations could go unmet because of improper communication involving boundaries. In the event of a disagreement or argument, the adoptive parents may cut off all future contact, which can be confusing and heartbreaking for both the birth parents and the child, and unfortunately, there is little to no legal recourse the birth parents can take.

If you’re considering an open adoption policy, the first step you should take is to research adoption agencies that offer open adoption policies. Many adoption agencies prohibit the adoptive parents from knowing the identity of the birth parents. If you do find an adoption agency that allows for open adoptions, be sure to carefully look over their policy to see if it aligns with your values.

Overall, adoption is a beautiful way to give a child a second chance at life. Over 90% of adopted children ages 5 and older have positive feelings about their adoption. While the process can be difficult and complicated, it’s critical to do what’s best for the child.

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