Walkability And Affordability What New Home Buyers Are On The Lookout For

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What’s the ideal home? That is the million dollar question. The United States is known as a very travel-happy country, due in no small part to its incredible size and the wide variety of cities and towns spread across its landscape. When you look for houses for sale you’re not just trying to find a place to cover your head. You also look at the downtown culture, the nearby neighborhoods and all the places you can go during your free time. For those that are wondering where they should start on their journey across America’s luxury houses, the list below will cover the basics to get you traveling with confidence.

Check out the most common concerns and whittle down your options until you’ve found the new homes that truly catch your eye.

Did You Know?

What are some of the deciding factors for home buyers? Let’s put your knowledge to the test. Over 35% of recent buyers who got new homes were actively looking to avoid renovations as well as problems with plumbing. Sometimes all you need is a fresh start! Another survey provided by Realtor.com predicted that up to 60% of homebuyers in 2017 will be under the age of 35. This contradicts a lot of common knowledge that buying homes is only for the older crowd.

I Want To Live In A Brand New Home

Do you much prefer a home that’s never been lived in before? You’re not alone. According to studies provided by Zillow, nearly half of buyers will look for homes that have never been inhabited. Contrary to popular belief, there’s a booming market for those that want to start off completely fresh. Houses for sale in media can better help you determine which homes are suited for you, providing everything from digital tours to easy checklists.

I Want To Live In An Eco-Friendly City

Perhaps an environmentally friendly city is more your style. These cities are defined by their flexible approach toward travel and their greener perspective toward the world at large. Nearly 50% of buyers interested in a brand new home have cited ‘energy-efficiency’ as their most desired feature. This can translate to using less energy in your home or relying less on vehicles getting back and forth throughout the city. Portland and San Francisco are widely considered to be eco-friendly options.

I Want A Neighborhood That’s Safe To Walk Around In

For those that have a family or have safety as a major concern, you’ll want to look for houses for sale in a neighborhood with comfortable surroundings. Over 50% of Millennials and 45% of Baby Boomers said they would much prefer to live in a neighborhood that was more ‘walkable’ than the alternatives. Additional surveys provided by Urban Land Institute saw walkability is one of the major determining factors for new movers. There are many smaller city-towns on the West coast that can provide you what you need and then some.

I Want A Home That’s Right For Me

Houses for sale are a-plenty in the United States. Which one is your dream home? Location is a major factor for you to consider, particularly if you have family, as it’ll make your living experience that much more fulfilling than if you had attempted to wing it. An eco-friendly city can be financially viable for some, while a neighborhood with good walkability can be perfect for those that want to get fit and feel safe at the same time. Don’t let the process scare you off. Come up with your own personal checklist and see how you can find your dream home with luxury real estate this year.

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