Tips for Off Campus Living

Finding an apartment

When most people think of student housing, their minds automatically jump to dormitories. Though many students do live in dormitories, the range of housing options available to students is much wider than it used to be, giving students at all levels many choices about where to live. About 1,439,264 Bachelors’ degrees and about 574,618 Masters’ degrees are awarded annually, and about 6,184,229 students are enrolled in public two-year colleges. Some of those students live on campus, some live with their parents, and others commute from student apartments.

If you don’t choose on-campus housing, finding an apartment can be a challenge. Many student rentals are relatively inexpensive, but they fill up fast, meaning that other students have to look beyond student apartments and make other arrangements. Here, we’ll look at a few tips for “DIY student housing.”


There is little point in finding yourself an apartment that comes along with a 30 minute commute. If possible, do your best to find an apartment within walking distance of your school. If not, shoot for something that takes less than fifteen minutes by car. It’s nice to be close by, especially when you hit those long gaps in between classes that aren’t worth making a 30 minute haul home for.


Though your loans will cover student housing, you should remember that you have to pay back whatever you spend; it’s not free money. That said, be a little thrifty when you start your apartment search. If you can find a roommate or two to split the cost, that’s certainly preferable, though you should be wary of bringing in too many roommates.


It’s no good living in a shady place, even if the rent is cheap. Every city has it’s pockets, and you’re well advised to stay out of them. It will be draining on your peace of mind, making it hard for you to study well.


If possible, make sure your DIY student housing is fairly close to the places you know you’ll need, like a grocery store. Also be sure that the apartment has heating, quality plumbing, and all those other little essentials that will keep you running smoothly.

Other Tips

Choose your roommates wisely. The landlord won’t care if it was you or that sketchy guy you met on Craigslist who burned a hole in the carpet. Neither of you will get your security deposit back. Some landlords are hesitant to rent out apartments as student housing because of the bad reputation of many student renters. You can make yourself seem more reputable by choosing responsible roommates and caring for your apartment well.

Living in DIY student housing can be a fun way to learn a little about life after college and to live somewhere that isn’t under the thumb of the college department of housing. If you do decide to DIY your housing, choose your apartment carefully and act responsibly. It’s only a good decision if it benefits you in the end. Read this website for more information.

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