Three Reasons to Avoid Using Hard Water

Whole home water filtration

Water treatment is an area of home repair that some homeowners don’t often think about. The hardness of water is often measured in grains per gallon. It is easy to realize when obvious repairs need to be made. However, the need for whole house filtration is often one that goes ignored for far too long. Here are three problems associated with having hard water in your home. If you are experiencing any of these concerns, it is strongly advised that you call water treatment professionals.

  1. Health Risks – You don’t want your drinking water to have your risk of certain diseases increased. However, each year homeowners with homes that have hard drinking water can be putting their health in jeopardy. Recent statistics show that being properly hydrated can reduce the risk of developing many cancers. Specifically, staying hydrated can reduce the risk of developing bladder cancer by 50%, colon cancer by 45%, and even has the potential to lessen the risk of getting breast cancer. A recent study shows that about 85% of homes in the United States are being affected by hard water.
  2. Damage to Appliances – One hidden danger of hard water that most homeowners don’t know about is the damage it causes to surfaces. For instance, having a shower that only outputs hard water can lead to lime scale build up. Homes with hard water can notice their appliances will wear down faster than homes with soft water. Appliances break down faster because hard water runs minerals through every inch of connecting pipes. Over time, this buildup will accumulate on every surface it touches, including where water exits out of an appliance. Having a water softener installed ensures that your appliances won’t wear out as fast.
  3. Increased Cleaning Costs – Have you ever wondered why your dishes are spotty? This is a commonly associated side effect of having hard water in your home. A water softener can have your water softened and free of minerals. In addition to unsightly spots on your dishes, the costs can add up in other areas of your home. Doing the laundry can become quite costly in homes with hard water. Due to the minerals found in hard water, you will likely need more detergent to fully clean your clothes. Over prolonged periods of time, homeowners can become used to needing too many supplies. Sadly, yearly budgets are reduced greatly due to the large portions of cleaning supplies bought in homes with hard water.

To summarize, having hard water in your home can cause many problems. The health risks of drinking hard water could have you at a higher risk of developing certain cancers. The damage that hard water can wreak on appliances is enough to make any homeowner frustrated. In addition, to find yourself having to pay for maintenance work, you could also be spending more on cleaning supplies. Homes with a water softener installed don’t have to worry about the previously mentioned side effects. Whole home water filtration can eliminate the problems associated with having hard water.

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