The Top Three Coolest Things You Can Add to Your Custom Luxury Home

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If you’ve always dreamt of owning a home that truly stands out from the crowd, then you probably know that custom built homes are the best choice for you. By designing your own house and choosing every aspect — from the type of materials that build it to the amenities and features added on at the end — you can truly create the luxury house that you’ve dreamed of.

Just how much uniqueness can be added onto custom luxury homes? Check out this list of three of the coolest, most unique features that custom designed homes can have today:

A home movie theater

Whether you’re an expert on all things related to filmmaking or you’re just a movie enthusiast, there’s nothing better than having a theater in your very own home where you can watch what you want, when you want. An in-home movie theater is also a great reason to have friends over to watch movies with you!

Heated tile floors

It’s a luxury many people don’t imagine having, even when they’re designing custom luxury homes — but how many times have you stepped out of the shower onto an unpleasantly cold tile floor? Today’s homes are capable of having heated tile floors installed everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom. By putting one in your custom home design, you’ll be doing your feet a favor.

Energy-efficient construction

One of the most popular reasons to custom-design a home is the possibilities for energy-efficiency these homes can offer. You can choose building materials from renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly sources, and you can install appliances that use a fraction of the energy that they used to. It won’t just make you feel better about helping the earth — your energy bills each month will plummet as a result as well.

What are some of the most unique things you’ve seen when looking to buy luxury homes for sale? Share with us in the comments below. More like this blog.

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