Sleep as Soundly as a Kid Dreaming about Neverland


Sleep is important. Getting the proper amount will make functioning the next day so much easier. And yet some people just can’t seem to get to bed at a decent enough hour to allow them to get a full night’s rest. It is understandable, with the hectic schedules that most people keep, and all of the different influences and incoming stimuli in this busy, connected, technological age that pull us in so many different directions. There is certainly something to be said for pulling back, unplugging, and attempting to simplify. But perhaps there is something else that could help you get a good night’s sleep, like say, the perfect set of footed pajamas for adults. Sounds cozy and intriguing, right?

Why you are missing out on the perfect set of pjs
Only about 40% of Americans are getting the recommended amount of hours sleeping. About 61% of people who responded in one survey admitted to feeling like they did not have enough options for nightwear. It seems to add up to a conclusion that the people who are not getting enough sleep need to be able to choose from more sleeping attire options than they currently have! For example, a pair of comfortable, cozy womens footed pjs could be exactly what you’re looking for some nights, while other nights you might be feeling more like a lighter, silk nightgown. You probably need to have both ends of the sleepwear spectrum covered. While you might initially feel as though you should react to such an idea by judging onesie pajamas to be for children only, stop and give it a second thought. Womens footed pjs are not such a crazy idea.

Why do you need womens footed pjs?

Think about it. Womens footed pjs sound a bit silly, but there is a part of you that is pretty excited when thinking about it. Maybe it is silly, but isn’t that what makes it such a wonderful idea? Consider it a gift for your inner child, and she will thank you, because chances are you don’t let her out enough. Give it some time to percolate. So your first reaction is laughter. Laughter is good! Then, the longer you think about it, the louder your inner child becomes, and sometimes you just need a night to be a kid again. Let your mind wander back to memories of the first pair of footed pajamas that you can remember, and let yourself dwell on all the wonderful things that you associate with that time of your life. Pillow fights with siblings or eating popcorn when your parents let you stay up a little bit late to watch a movie. Christmas morning discoveries of a visit from Santa the night before. Feeling your eyelids grow heavy as you listen to mom or dad reading your favorite story, and knowing that your toes would stay warm and cozy all night.

Treat yourself to the most restful sleep you’ve had in years
According to one report, about 74% of Americans wear pajamas when they head to bed, another 8% sleep in the nude, and everyone else wears what they would refer to as “something else.” Don’t let society dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t wear in your own bed. You should feel free, no matter what, to wear whatever feels the most comfortable and relaxing to you. And doesn’t it stand to reason that reinstating a throwback like onesie pajamas will allow your body and mind to relax like you did when you were just a kid? Back when you had nothing to worry about except how fast you could run, how high you could climb, what imaginary land you were going to visit next, and if you could stay awake long enough to catch a glimpse of the Tooth Fairy.

Of course, you never could stay awake to see the Tooth Fairy or Santa, because those cozy onesie footed pajamas put you right to sleep, just like they would do for you now, if you gave them the chance.

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