Lysol Disinfectant Can Help the Spread of Germs

Disinfectant products

As a business owner, you are keenly aware that it is necessary to have a clean work environment for your employees. Disinfecting your office workspace regularly will decrease the risk of occupational safety hazards.

On reason to make sure your workspaces are sanitary is to reduce workplace absences. According to the National interview Health Survey, influenza is responsible for an estimated 75 million workday absences each year in the United States. Flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces such as desks, keyboards, computers, and other office furniture for 48 hours. Using an all purpose disinfectant, such as Lysol disinfectant, can reduce the levels of these viruses.

According to the CDC, an estimated 80 percent of all infections are spread through hand contact with a surface. Again, using something like Lysol disinfectant can reduce the spread of these infections.

You also want to make sure your office kitchen area is kept clean, even past just making sure the dishes are washed. According to a study by Kimberly Clark Professional, 48 percent of office microwave door handles harbor a huge amount of bacteria and germs. Using Lysol disinfectant all purpose cleaner or another disinfectant spray on these surfaces can greatly reduce the spread of germs.

Of course, another area of your business that should be kept clean using Lysol disinfectant is the bathroom spaces. You should clean these bathrooms regularly, as they can be a germ breeding ground. Using disinfectant products, such as Lysol disinfectant, on all surfaces can provide a much safer room.

Make sure that your carpeted areas are kept clean as well. You want to have them regularly vacuumed so there is no buildup of germs and dust. They can also receive a good spray of Lysol disinfectant to get rid of any germs or viruses.

Make sure that your cleaning crew or cleaning company does a thorough job of cleaning your offices, including using Lysol disinfectant. They should do much more than just empty the trash cans and do a bit of dusting. Make sure that all those hard surfaces are properly cleaned using Lysol disinfectant or a bleach disinfectant to prevent the spread of germs. Your employees will love that you are looking out for their health and well being.

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