How Sleep System Beds Lead to Glorious Sleep

Mattress for adjustable bed

Humans spend nearly a third of their lives sleeping, but many people are either not getting enough sleep, or the sleep that they are getting is not truly restful sleep. Traditional spring mattresses can unevenly distribute pressure, resulting in aches and pain in the morning. Foam mattresses on the other hand offer no support, which can cause spine and joint pain. Many Americans are switching to adjustable bed options for pain relief and continuous, restful sleep.


Millions of Americans wake up each morning only to experience aching and cramping from sleeping. The National Sleep Foundation found that back and neck pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), and headaches are the leading issues that prevent sleep. When an individual sleeps, they unconsciously switch positions in the middle of the night to help avoid such pain caused from sleeping uncomfortably on a mattress.


An adjustable sleep system bed often comes with motors built in to incline the top or bottom halves of the body, offering a custom sleep experience for each person. The National Sleep Foundation found that an adjustable bed can help take pressure off of areas that make sleeping generally uncomfortable, decreasing the need for tossing and turning in the night. Other sleep studies have shown that those who lay in bed for more than 20 minutes without sleeping may have a harder time when it comes to falling asleep. Adjustable bed mattresses allow a person’s back to be supported, meaning they can sit up like they are in a couch which might allow them to fall asleep faster. Couples will be happy to know that queen and king-sized adjustable mattresses are available where each side has a controllable setting. For those who wrestle with sleep every night, an adjustable sleep system bed can lead to beautiful, beautiful sleep.

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