How A Roof Replacement Or Window Installation Can Save You 15% On Your Energy Bill

Some people may think that getting a roof replaced is too much and too big a project. However, sometimes it is absolutely necessary if the roof is not currently doing its job. The roof has a very important job, in protecting the home and everything in it from the elements and from wildlife. This is why you want to replace it if there are too many problems with it.

If you need to have a roof replacement done, it is very likely that you are going to have to call a professional to do the job. Some people may try to do it on their own, but a lot of the time, this can just result in a lot of damage to the roof and more money that is eventually going to have to be spent on a professional. You might have many questions about the process, such as, how much does a new roof cost? The approximate cost of a new roof can be a very important factor in when you decide to get it or even whether you decide to get it or not. You may also be interested in the architectural roof cost and architectural shingles installation cost if this is the type of roofing you want.

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Summer may be around the corner, but that doesn’t necessarily spell an end to your home’s woes. You’ll still have showers causing leaks, insects crawling in and all sorts of temperature issues to contend with during the vacation season…so why not look into roof replacement options and nip all those future issues in the bud? One of the most popular home renovation options by a landslide is replacing and remodeling roofs, windows and doors. These can do wonders for your home’s overall appearance alongside saving you money on your energy bill and giving you that much coveted peace-of-mind. Why don’t we take a look at what commercial contractors can do for you this summer?

Common Issues Homeowners Are Facing

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve renovated your home. If you’re noticing a higher-than-average energy bill or more discomfort during the extreme seasons, you may just be seeing the telltale signs of a house that could use a touch-up or two. The paint on composite siding has been known to last an average of 20 years. Despite this, only 15% of new homes actually have composite siding in place. Old and worn-out siding can contribute to an overall 10% loss in value for your home, which is nothing to say of your roof, windows or doors.


Siding is one of the more easily overlooked aspects of home renovation. You may find yourself wondering how good siding can improve your home’s overall foundation alongside the more obvious roofs and windows. Sidings from composite are actually much more economical than hardwood sidings, with composite siding (such as fiber cement or a mix of wood pulp and cement) combining the best of masonry, stone and brick. This means it’s termite-free as well as fire-proof, able to withstand the wind and cold and look as new five years from now as when you first have it installed.


Think your windows are tough enough to withstand what every new season has to throw at it? Think again. Your windows are one of the biggest deciding factors in how much energy you can save at any one given time. Due to poorly installed window models, cracks and gaps, many houses see themselves losing hundreds of dollars every year in an attempt to maintain a decent temperature when it’s hot or cold out. Single-pane glass windows, present in the majority of homes built before the mid-1990’s, are notoriously energy inefficient. Replacing these with energy efficient windows as determined by Energy Star, however, can see you saving up to 15% on your energy bills.


Now for the special of the hour. A good roof replacement truly is everything a home can hope for. Roofing experts estimate the life of your new roof can be cut by as much as 20% if it’s installed over a pre-existing roof, making it a smarter option to go for the gold and get an entirely new roof replacement. A high-quality roof should properly insulate your home alongside your windows and doors while keeping you protected from the elements and any pests creeping around outside.

Contacting A Contractor

Which home renovation project is best for you? That’s something your local contractors can help you out with. Able to give your home a check-up and in timely fashion, they can pinpoint any weak elements of your home to be buffed out with a new door, new roof replacement or both. Not only will you see major savings on your energy bill over time, you can even improve your house’s ROI! Studies have shown a window replacement can recoup up to 77% of its original cost and a replacement steel door can get a 97% ROI, among others. Consider contacting your commercial construction company next time your house feels a little lacking. You might find it the best idea you’ve had in a while!

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