Can You Add a Steeple to a Church That Is Already Built?

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If you are unfamiliar with the process of furnishing a church, it may surprise you to one day see church steeples for sale in the newspaper. You might have previously assumed that once a church is built, very little is done to alter it. However, churches have a long history of renting key pieces, even up to the steeple itself.

To understand why some church furniture and outside fixtures are only semi-permanent, it is necessary to have at least a brief understanding of the history of church buildings themselves. Perhaps you are actually in the process of adding a steeple to your church, in which case we’ll cover a few tips on how to choose an appropriate one.

The Steeple Is Arguably an Iconic Component of the Traditional Church Image.

When people imagine a traditional church, they may think of a bell tower, or high spires. or maybe imposing statues. Church buildings today greatly vary in architectural style. Some do have the traditional aspects of old, while others are more relaxed and look like an auditorium at first glance. Of course, quite a lot of the outer appearance is in relation to the religious doctrine espoused inside.

An Abridged Version of Pews and Church Steeples History.

When we think of a church service, we think of sitting down and listening to a sermon. But that is not how things used to be. In fact, it wasn’t until the 13th century that any seating was provided, and at that time the most visitors were granted was a removable stone bench placed along the wall. Even that uncomfortable option was only reserved for the wealthy. Before this development church goers actually stood during the service, which allowed them to freely mingle with their fellow villagers. It was the rise of Protestantism that paved the way for churches to offer plain wooden pews for their visitors.

Church steeples have a much briefer history. The impressive cathedrals of Europe took decades to build, and ate up a vast amount of wealth and resources in the process. These glorious edifices are remarkable, and yet comically out of reach for smaller church provinces. Those communities began constructing the much smaller steeple for the top of their church buildings to give it a more impressive appearance. In doing so, it is possible to add a steeple to a pre-existing building.

When Looking Into Church Steeples For Sale, Size Is Key.

When adding a steeple, the size of the building comes into play. There must be a good balance between the size of the building and the size of the steeple for the resulting structure to look elegant instead of ridiculous. The simple ratio for this is 1:1, as in, the steeple should be no more than an equal height of the building at its tallest point. Clearly, the base width of the steeple will also play a big role, but that varies from building to building.

Church steeples for sale in online marketplaces or newspapers can be a great deal for those trying to add some pomp to their church’s appearance. Remember to measure the building’s height correctly beforehand, so as to know what would suit.

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