Can a Professional Speaker Help With Discrimination Disputes in the Workplace in Rochester?

In all its possible expressions and forms, discrimination disputes is one of the common forms of violations and abuse of human rights. Discrimination disputes affect millions of people and perhaps one of the most issues to recognize.

Discrimination can be cause by workplace conflicts, employment issues, and other forms that are closely related concepts.

In fact, aside from conflicts in the workplace and employment disputes, there are still other types of discrimination you should know such as:

– Direct and Indirect Discrimination

Discrimination can be practised in a direct or indirect manner. The direct is done by the intent to discriminate against a person or a group. The indirect discrimination happens when the criterion or neutral provision puts people at disadvantage.

2. Structural Discrimination

This discrimination is based on the very way in which our society is organised. The system discredits groups of people and works through routines, norms, patterns of attitudes that create a hostile environment.

3. Multiple Discrimination

Each of us belongs to or is identified with several social groups. That is why dealing with any group is important to be aware of the group’s heterogeneity and potential discrimination and multiple grounds.

4. Disability Discrimination

This is discrimination against individuals with disabilities in government and private agencies. This prohibits discrimination in all employment practices and hiring processes, compensation, and other terms of employment.

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