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It was a very productive 30 minutes. After several weeks of looking online at pictures of possible new deck options and getting bids from contractors, you and your husband simply decided to take a drive. You selected a neighborhood that included many homes that were in a price range higher than where you live. You correctly assumed that the composite decks materials would be slightly more common in a newer neighborhood that was out of your price range. You hoped, however, that you might catch a glimpse of some decks that are similar to what you are considering.
The main goal, of course, is to create a new outdoor entertainment space that your family will enjoy, but you are also aware that realtors you have worked with in the past indicate that some of the no maintenance products that are now available are a real attraction to some buyers.
What Are You Looking for When Your Search for Houses for Sale Begins?
Whether you are looking to upgrade a deck on your current home or you are purchasing a new home, the help of a realtor can be very beneficial. The fact that realtors understand the market in a specific area means that they know what trends buyers are looking for at any given price point.
In the year 2015, there were 501,000 homes sold in America. This amount of competition means that it often takes a real list of stand out amenities to catch the attention of the right buyers. Price matters. Size matters. But the list of the specific details on a house may have the biggest impact on whether or not a house sells quickly, or whether it sits on the market for month after month.
Although it can be expensive to upgrade and improve a home, the good news is that many of the changes add to the Return on Investment (ROI). As an example, homeowners can typically get a 100% ROI on the money they spend on a home’s curb appeal. Moving inside the home, bathroom additions offer an average ROI of 86.4%, while even a minor kitchen remodel has an average ROI of 82.7%.

  • When you get ready to look for a home, you likely have a some priorities that you are looking for.
  • How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms?
  • Almost 99% of millennial home buyers search online for homes compared to their current or previous homes.
  • The value of a home can be affected by as much as 20% simply based on the quality of the school district that is near that house.

  • A home buyer should always have a prioritized list of things that they are looking for in a home so they can find a way to sort through the many choices.
  • Real-estate related internet searches increased 253% between the years 2009 and2013.
  • Every buyer is looking for a home that is an acceptable price.

  • You can decide that the floor plan is what matters most.
  • One floor plan that is very popular is the easy to navigate ranch style.
  • Unless you are able to extend your borrowing limits, the price that you determine ti spend is one of the least flexible options in home buying.

  • Lot size is the priority for some buyers.
  • One very consistent priority is location.
  • One other option for some buyers is the proximity to public transportation.
  • Kids want their parents to buy a home with a great backyard close to a park with a basketball court and a hill for sledding.
  • In the eye’s of many realtors, home buyers need to have a mix of strong priorities and some flexibility to find the perfect home.
  • New roofs and new windows are a major drawing card for many potential home buyers.
  • Green space surrounding a home lot can improve the appeal of a home.

  • Finding the perfect home is rarely easy. It can take patience and determination to stick with the search and find a home that meets most of the expectations that you have.
  • One way to meet the goal of finding the perfect house is to work with a realtor and let that person know your biggest priorities are.
  • Realtors are often the best source a home buyer has when the home search begins. Selecting the top realtor in the area can help.

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