Adjustable Beds Making Happier Couples

Adjustable beds for seniors

Can an adjustable bed mattress save your marriage? Well, probably not, but having one can certainly go a long way as far as sharing a bed and sleeping comfortably is concerned. Being annoyed by a partner’s sleep habits is an age old problem–tossing and turning, snoring, strategic placing of pillows and being a bed hog are all issues that come to mind and an adjustable bed mattress might just be how to get a better night’s sleep.

As you sleep, you shift your body unconsciously, changing positions to avoid pain and tension from sleeping uncomfortably. Furthermore, the National Sleep Foundation reports that over 50% of Americans are having chronic pain and that chronic pain is often associated with insomnia. Imagine your partner lying next to you as you toss and turn and bounce around. They’re not sleeping because you’re not sleeping, and both of you are cranky.

Here are just a few ways an adjustable bed may be able to help:

  • Even Distribution of Weight When your weight is distributed evenly, you will breath easier. The contouring positions of an adjustable bed allow you to comfortably remain on your back at night and may help to alleviate snoring related lying flat.
  • Sleeping Semi-Upright May Stop Tossing and Turning Tossing, turning and flopping all over the bed can give your partner good reason to be annoyed. When you are positioned upright in bed, the likelihood of tossing and turning reduces greatly. You will sleep better, and in turn, so will your significant other.
  • Three Words: Dual Adjustable Beds Adjustable bed bases can allow for 2 individual adjustable bed mattresses to be placed side by side on the same frame to allow for couples to sleep in the same bed, but have each person customize their comfort. Maybe one person prefers their feet elevated, and one does not. This is no longer a problem. Dual adjustable beds allow for any number of configurations.

Again, having an adjustable bed is probably not going to be the deciding factor in keeping your marriage intact, but it can go a long way to ensure that you and your partner are both better rested, and a well rested couple is certainly a happier couple.

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