A Legitimate Explanation of Why You Might Really Need To Find a Replacement Remote Control

Dvd player remote

Being able to find a replacement television remote controls at the drop of a hat probably isn’t something that most people can do, but there are actually a few really good reasons why you might need to find replacement TV remotes.

Everyone has those “off days” when they just can’t get it together, and TV remote controls are often the victims of these bad days. This isn’t to say that the majority of TV remote controls are smashed to pieces out of anger when Your Team loses The Game (although this does happen quite often, believe it or not). But even the most organized and well-meaning people can misplace their television remote controls in the weirdest of places — outside in the rain, hidden in the breadbox, somewhere underneath the passenger seat in your car — there’s no good reason why remotes end up in these places, but they just tend to be those things you carry around absently and set down without even thinking about it.

It’s also likely that a remote will sort of “die” (aka just stop working for no reason) because hey, electronics aren’t going to last forever, right? Of course, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the batteries still have some juice in them before you start freaking out and/or trying to do a weird version of Operation on your remote control. (And it’s actually possible to bring a “dead” remote back to “life,” or as some people prefer to call it, creating a zombie remote control, and there are plenty of YouTube videos and How-To guides to help everyone and anyone figure out the wiring inside a remote control.)

A lot of people think that universal remotes are going to be the perfect solution, and they don’t realize that these aren’t like regular programmable remote controls that work flawlessly with the TV set — usually, universal remotes are only able to control the most basic functions of the device,. You could have a great entertainment system with tons of features, but if you have a universal remote, (and the original TV remote just… doesn’t exist anymore, and you aren’t even quite sure when it disappeared) you may not be able to take advantage of all those features you’ve paid for.

Luckily, it’s possible to find original TV remote controls for nearly any major manufacturer that sells TVs in the U.S., and all you need is the model number on the back of the corresponding TV set. It’s really that easy! Read more blogs like this: remotes.com

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