4 Playground Tips to Keep your Children Safe

Going to the park is something that most children look forward to, so the last thing that they want is to get hurt or injured while playing there. Television plays an important part in out children’s lives causing more and more parents, about two-thirds, to become aware of how much time their child spends in front of the television. Nine out of ten parents would prefer their child to utilize their time outside rather in front of electronics consider that research shows children now days get about half the time outside than their parents did when they were children. Taking children to the park is a great way to encourage them to get more outside time, but making sure that commercial playground swings and commercial playground equipment is safe before allowing your children to play is important. Follow these tips to ensure your child has fun at the park and doesn’t end up with injuries.

Missing Parts

Missing playground parts can pose big problems for playground climbers and players. It’s important to inspect all areas that your child will be playing on before allowing them to play. Inspect playground slides, commercial playground swings, jungle gyms and barrels that kids can crawl through. Ensure that all necessary parts are there and in tact and nothing is missing from the playground equipment.


Just as you want to make sure that there are no missing parts you also want to make sure that there are no cracks in the commercial playground swings or commercial playground equipment. Cracks can signal worn down equipment, but they can also pose problems for kiddos. Cracks in slides can mean weak spots that may not hold up when your child slides down it, and cracks in swings can cause pinches that hurt. Inspecting for cracks can help keep your kiddos safer while having fun.


Protruding parts, specifically bolts, screws and nuts are a problem. These parts can scratch, cut and gouge children as they play. Thoroughly inspect slides, tunnels and barrels before kids play. This can save not only a nasty scratch but also possible shots depending on how rusty the protruding object was. A thorough check can spare your child pain and ensure that they have fun while playing.

Loose Parts

Loose parts can pose another problem for kiddos. Always check all connections and parts to make sure they are all safe and sturdy. Any parts that move are dangerous for your kids. Gently pull to make sure that no parts move or are loose. Move the entire piece of equipment to ensure that nothing wiggles or moves when you shake it.

Playground equipment is routinely inspected but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your job to ensure it’s safe. Many many children play on the equipment so it’s important to do your part to perform a quick inspection before your kids play on it. Quick inspections don’t take long and also allow you to feel the equipment during the hot summer days to make sure it’s not too hot for the kiddos to play on.

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