4 Advantages of Handmade vs Mass Produced Furniture

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A recent survey conducted by HomeGoods found that only 20% of those living in the United States are satisfied with their home decor. With that in mind, it’s likely that you are ready to give the interior of your home an update. It’s understandable to wonder which types of furniture you should have in your home. Many people prefer having handcrafted furniture adorning rooms throughout their respective properties. Considering that, here are four reasons for purchasing handmade furniture over mass produced pieces.

  1. Uniquely Crafted Pieces

    You’ll find that choosing to purchase handmade wood furniture is destined to make your pieces the talk among your friends and family members. Statistics show that 67% of over 2,000 people surveyed felt that much can be said about someone from the furniture they own. With that in mind, you’ll find that having handcrafted furniture is something that someone can simply find anywhere. Therefore, you’re likely to have everyone you know asking where you were able to find such fine furniture.
  2. Made With Quality Craftsmanship

    It’s impossible to have craftspeople working on furniture that is being made by machines. If you are looking to find pieces that are made with the utmost care by professional craftspeople, you’ll want to purchase woodworkingnetwork.com/news/almanac-market-data/residential-furniture-industry-trends-analysis” Title=”Custom bedroom furniture, Home office furniture kansas city”>custom handmade furniture. These pieces are made by those whose passion is creating unique furniture that you are destined to love. You’ll not be able to find the same degree of quality while looking at mass produced pieces.
  3. Helps Support Smaller Businesses

    Statistics from the United States Department of Commerce from June 2017 found that sales from furniture and home furnishing stores reached $9.51 billion. That being said, it can be tough for craftspeople to compete in an industry dominated by companies making mass produced furniture. Purchasing handmade wood furniture helps to support local craftspeople working to make a living.
  4. High Degree of Customization

    One major drawback to purchasing furniture that is mass produced is not having many customization options. With that in mind, you’ll find that handmade wood furniture can be made to offer plenty of unique features and characteristics that are hard to find. If you’re looking to have handmade wood furniture with a lot of choices, it’s wise to contact a local company offering employing craftspeople. In turn, you’ll be able to discuss what you’re looking for in regards to handmade wood furniture designs.

To summarize, there are many distinct benefits of purchasing handmade furniture instead of pieces that are mass produced. You’ll find that you have plenty of customization options while choosing handmade furniture. This type of furniture is made by craftspeople who don’t have to adhere to restrictions and guidelines seen with mass produced furniture. Handmade is made with a degree of quality and detail not seen with mass produced pieces. Purchasing handmade wooden furniture helps to support hard working local craftspeople instead of large corporations. If you are unable to find wooden furniture that appeals to you, it’s wise to contact a company offering handmade wooden furniture. Being able to have something customized to your specifications isn’t a luxury you’ll often get to experience while dealing with companies create mass produced pieces.

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