3 Tips That Can Help You Plan a Perfectly Personalized Wedding Reception

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Wedding receptions can be tough events to plan. Make them too traditional, and they’re boring; try something too trendy, and the results may seem cringe-worthy 10 years down the road. Add the pressure to stay on budget, and what are a bride and groom to do? Here are some tips for planning a wedding reception that will seem warm, personal and timeless:

  1. Choose a Sentimental Site

    A magazine article listing the best wedding places in your area may or may not have the best place for you. Think about venues that are close to where you met, have gone on dates or even got engaged. If you’re looking at outdoor wedding venues, skip the most popular gardens and beaches and opt instead for the park where you had your first picnic, or the garden at the hotel where you stayed on your first vacation together. The good memories you’ve shared there will make the day even more special, and your guests will notice too.

  2. Match Your Theme to Your Venue

    Wedding receptions feel the tackiest when a theme is forced on a reception space that just doesn’t fit into the concept. A modest banquet hall can feel classic and elegant if you spend your budget on linens, flowers, lighting or other elements that add some extra glamour. That same banquet hall, however, can feel like the site of an ’80s prom when decked out in fake palm trees or a few tropical plants intended to herald your Hawaiian honeymoon.

  3. Sweat the Small Stuff

    Instead of picking out venues, rentals, flowers, catering and more individually — which can quickly eat up your budget — consider wedding packages. Often, these all inclusive packages offer equally high quality at much more affordable prices. This will free up more of your budget for personalized details. Consider handmade favors, chalkboard art, creative table numbers or customized photo areas. Your guests probably won’t have any idea whether you personally picked out their padded white folding chairs or rosemary chicken, but they’ll definitely see your personality shining through in a personalized seating chart complete with pictures.

What advice can you share for creating customized wedding receptions without breaking the bank? Join in the discussion in the comments!

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