Where Can I Donate Clothes in State X? 3 Options To Choose

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In these eco-friendly times, many people just like you are Googling, “Where can I donate clothes?” But before we answer that question, we’ve got some fast facts for you to consider:
  • Every year, an estimated 12 million tons of clothing and textiles end up in U.S. landfills
  • In one 2011 study, recycling advocates found that fully 90% of the clothes thrown out that year could have been recycled
  • The textile recycling industry employs an estimated 17,000 Americans
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that an unacceptable 207,000 veterans were unable to find work in March 2013
Yes, one of these facts is not like the other, we’ll get to that soon.

Where Can I Donate Clothes in State X? 3 Simple Solutions

Well, you could just throw them away, but hop

How to Give Back to Charity the Right Way

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Veterans charities
From expensive cars, to exotic vacations, to latest designer fashions, there’s a lot you can spend your time and hard-earned money on. However, material things are just that; simply material. When all is said and done, they only begin to scratch the service of living a fulfilling, rewarding, and balanced life. The act of giving to those in need is priceless.
In fact, several research studies have proven that giving is indeed better than receiving. Making a charitable donation, whether is it time, money, or household goods such as clothing donations, can improve your sense of well being and mental state. Many people find fulfillment and a renewed sense of purpose after making a charitable donation. Additionally, donors have the opportunity to expand their social circles by meeting and working with othe