5 Upgrades and Improvements Local Parks Should Consider When Renovating

Written by Family Photos. Posted in Handicap swing for playground, Playground repair, Playground rubber turf

It seems more and more local parks and playgrounds are becoming neglected in favor of computers, phones and TVs. Kids still love to play, though. You just need to keep them excited, and we’ve compiled 5 ways local playgrounds can upgrade to get kids back, running and playing, and the parks full again.

1. Accessibility is Key

Historically, parks have been designed and constructed without accounting for folks with disabilities. It’s the responsibility of the person in charge of implementing the parks that playgrounds be made for all kids. Wheelchair swings, for example, make swinging an inclusive activity. Handicap accessible playgrounds are likely to draw more kids in based on accessibility alone.

2. Dog Parks

A sectioned-off dog park with a larger park can be an excellent way to bring families into the park along with their pets. Installing things like dog agility equipment kits can be fun and a good conversation started. Dog parks are excellent ad